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In addition to having the corresponding Remote Pilot certificates, qualification certificates for the models we pilot, and having contracted the compulsory insurance for our RPAs; We are also a Legalized Air Operator in the Spanish State Air Safety Agency. This means that we are enabled to manage all the permits that guarantee a legal and safe flight.

Our territory has many areas with its specific legal regulation. From areas protected by biological interest to those restricted for military reasons. These overlap and almost never coordinate with each other. We take care of coordinating with all the entities and individuals involved in the flight planned by the legally established channels; thus obtaining the necessary permits and airspace reserves in each case.

When hiring our services, you should bear in mind that we always fly with all possible guarantees.

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Our first interest is focused on the safety of people. And we also keep in mind the right to privacy and their own image. Because this is what the law estimates, but above all out of respect.

It is true that current legislation is especially complex. Sometimes for little concretion, sometimes for too much. However, we must be clear that the main objective is security and coordination with other users of the common airspace. In this way, the interpretation of the legal texts becomes more understandable for everyone.

Each user has specific tasks in this space. For us, RPAS are a working tool. For others, the object of their management is airspace itself; as in the case of airports. Therefore, for each one there is a specific regulation and a specific area of action, but it is almost never exclusively used. In the same territory, multiple users may have competition and different regulations may apply.

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The main entities with which we share the different tasks in airspace are:

Management entities of Natural Spaces (national, autonomous, regional, local …)
Air Force (facilities areas, maneuvers …)
State Security Forces.
Airports and Heliports (civil, sports …)

Las principales Leyes/Normas que regulan nuestra actuación son:

The Spanish State body that ensures that civil aviation standards are met is AESA.

Logotipo de AESA agencia estatal de seguridad aerea

This organization makes a List of Operators enabled, and updates it periodically.

Finally, we take this opportunity to thank from here all those who have already collaborated with us in this task of sharing common airspace, and all those who will do so in the future. In short, both institutions and private companies are “entities” sustained and managed by people. And at that point, in the human field, there is always a way of understanding, respecting and collaborating.