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The “current system” in which we live includes the existence of fear. And we integrate it, as part of that REAL SYSTEM that we are all.

But fear hurts. And when it arises, automatically the need arises to eliminate it, to avoid it, to lock it up, to tame it …
This is how laws arise, because we live in the belief that fear can be removed from us … at a stroke.

Today, and more specifically in the West, the excessive proliferation of laws and regulations are the most evident proof that fear only grows. In reality, our actions are feeding it, rather than weakening it.

What can be done?el lagarto en silueta tenue

If you think about it … That, precisely that, is the question that started all this madness.

We just trust all this madness.
And we accept “fear” as a pet.

The rest … we are solving it as it arrives, day by day.

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