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Stock Footage of Eastern Marina

Stock video footage

Aerial video made with drone showing the marina of Marina del Este in Punta de la Mona, La Herradura, Almuñécar on the Costa Tropical of Granada, Andalusia, Spain.


Eastern Marina

The port with an original design and integrated into the landscape, with the Roque de las Caballas naturally forming part of its structure. The Marina’s own facilities are complemented by a wide variety of restaurants, shops, minimarket and sports leisure companies.

Coordinates: Morro del dique Latitude: 36° 43′ 41.04″ N Longitude: 3 ° 43′ 32.39″ W
Beacon: Red light
Nautical Chart nº: 456

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Punta de la Mona Lighthouse

Coordinates: Latitude: 36º 43.5 ′ N Longitude: 03º 43.8 ′ W
Tower height: 14 meters.
Focal plane height: 140 meters.
Optic: Diopter.
Range: 15 nautical miles.
Constructors: Luis Romero and Severiano Benavides

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In the flight we can also see the Berengueles Beach, the Punta de la Mona Lighthouse, the Berengueles Cove and in the background Cerro Gordo with its urbanizations that make up the La Herradura bay.


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