Our little story

The photographer’s work Yann Arthus-Bertrand, “The Earth fron the air”, It achieved extraordinary international success and produced impressive figures for a time without the Internet. The impact was especially emotional for those of us who could understand its full value, those of us who were already taking travel photographs, and who already dreamed of capturing images like those in the book:
From the sky.
The harsh reality was shown in his documentaries when Yann appeared on a helicopter, with the door open, photographing that famous mangrove with the shape of a heart, in New Caledonia. At that time, that dream was only within the reach of a large air vehicle, and in the hands of a pilot with whom you understood each other well, or very well.
But a few years ago, the unstoppable development of technology made drones a viable reality for quality video and photography. The idea immediately seduced us. We really wanted a camera with wings. Accessing the beauty of what an eagle can see from the sky is very similar to the human dream of being able to fly.
It was necessary to travel a complex path until obtaining the qualification of Air Operator in the State Aviation Safety Agency. But it was worth it. Currently, the drone is an essential tool in most of our projects.

What we offer

We offer you the possibility of accessing that eagle view without having to go through that expensive road, and without having to spend time on a long learning curve. With all the legal and security guarantees, and completely disregarding all the bureaucratic and technical aspects necessary to fly, we are also Air Operator.
What is your idea? What is your need?
Contact us and tell us about it. We value its technical and legal feasibility, and we show you all the possibilities that you may not yet know.
From base we are dedicated to producing aerial photography and videography of various locations and objects for sale in our exclusive stock. We thus obtain plans for use by professionals as footage of their projects, and we also put video clips at your fingertips with the ready-made color style setting; ready to be used directly as a setting or promotion for your business, activity or event.
However, if your project involves getting your own or very specific scenes, we also make ourselves available to you with the following advantages:

Viability.- We carry out the realistic technical / legal study based on our experience to inform you of the feasibility and deadlines of the project.
Legality.- We manage all the permissions and the necessary documentation.
Security.-We develop, integrate and apply risk prevention plans.
Advice.- Guidance based on our experience.
Availability.- Possibility of obtaining aerial plans immediately. If you only want the shot, without post-production on our part, after the flight you can have the recording.

This last possibility is particularly attractive for photography and videography professionals whose objective is a personalized edition on their part, and who want to obtain the raw material instantly.

Fotografía de stock desde un dron de 5h2o y PolZakc volando entre molinos de viento

We are a producer

If your project requires a complete production, we take care of the entire filming, editing and assembly process. We invest all our technical and creative means to bring you the professional video clip you want:

• Promotional activity or business.
• Corporate of company, institution, association, etc.
• Of all kinds of events (after movie), such as ceremonies, celebrations, meetings, etc.
• Documentary or making-of events, or their preparations.

In short, the bulk of the data traffic will be done through video files, so audiovisual language will be essential in communication and relationship with customers.
In fact it is already like this.
Quality images that tell a coherent and well-presented content story create a deep emotional bond with the viewing public. With your clients and with your possible clients.
We want to make your brand, your project or your memory … thrill.
As much as you.

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