About us

Los componentes de 5h2o


The direction of this ship is carried by two of us.
A technical part (Jose Manuel) and a creative part (María José), we develop our activity between technology and art.

The heart of this project is a shared heart.
Two people embarked on it who, in addition, have shared our life for already… Almost two decades!

Until reaching this port, our ships have navigated various channels. Some closer to this shore, and others more distant. However, they have all contributed in one way or another to building our professional capacities. But above all, they have built us as people and have brought us to this point, the present, which is what we really live.

So here we are, together in what makes us both happy and ready to provide you with those images, videos or aerial shots you want.

We have the experience and the knowledge. We have the means and the capacity.

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